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Direct Vendors



Businesses Split Drop Shipping Profits

Our circulars feature drop shipped products from different manufacturers.

Drop shipping is the practice of manufacturers shipping directly to the end customer (not the store), for an extra fee.

Drop shipping means no overhead, warehousing, inventory investments or return headaches.

Consumer Purchases

Supports The Business They Favorite

Cushions Their Shipping By 10% Of Their Sales

Increases Their Tipping Power

Earns 2% location bonuses that discount offline purchases

Accumulates 10% In Reward Points, Which Are Cashed In For Collectibles & Closeouts

Continuing To Shop Can Also Earn Closeouts, Collectibles & Tchotchke's

Cushion All Your Drop Shipped Orders

10% Of All Drop Shipped Online Sales Is Instantly Rebated Onto The Shipping Of Items Purchased

Tip Causes, Charities & Content Providers

Free Quarterly Tipping Will Be Based On Each Customers Embed Local Levels

Reward Points Are Earned By Consumers From 10% of Their Purchases From Any Embed Local Affiliated Site Or Main Treats Placed Products In Local Businesses

Collectibles, Closeouts & Glut Can Be Reserved & Acquired With Our Rewards Points

Even After They Are Used To Discount Shipping

Track Your Orders To Uncover Our Offers & Rewards

Rewards To Keep Customers Shopping

Collectibles, Closeouts & Glut Are Also Used to Keep Buyers Spinning In Our Sites As They Track Their Packages

Track All Orders To Uncover Our Offers & Rewards


Exchanges From Direct Vendors & Clothing Machine That Can't Be Exchanged By Their Manufacturer, Can Be Traded For Glut, Closeouts And Shipping Discounts

Keep Your Customers

Your customers can’t order directly from Direct Vendors, no customers can, it's Embed Local's #1 policy.

All registered customer drop shipped purchases profits are split & credited to your account through your affiliate program.

Purchase date, product name, manufacturer, paid amount & profit are transparently put on your profits account

Product Valet

Order from over 4,000 manufacturers in one place.

Members still split the profits when their customers use our free concierge service.

Direct Vendors handles all the shipping details and calls the customer directly to confirm & authorize payment.

Once customers reveal their interests, our personal shopper service fine tunes and customizes customers requests to help discover their individual style.

Easy To Use

Customers enter the categories of products desired (and size if apparel).

Supplied websites that best match customers requests are supplied & browsed.

We fine tune requested interests with new sites to shop.

Orders are started once the details are set and the customer confirms products wanted.

Main Treats phones all customers direct for billing and conformation purposes, and emails all tracking information.

Relax & Order in One Place from Over 4,000 Manufacturers

Let Us Worry About Getting It To You


Information to Help Your Interaction with DirectVendors

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Customer Incentives



Buying Group

Clothing Machine



Collectible Rewards

Closeout Rewards

Shipping Discounts

Add Questions


When will DirectVendors, Main Treats & Other Embed Local Sites begin?

Most Embed Local sites start in early 2018 in 5 towns in northwest NJ.


What is Embed Local, Main Treats and DirectVendors?

Embed Local is a buying group of retailers, restaurants & other businesses that form Local attractions.

Main Treats helps interconnected businesses promote/test/sell books, soaps, socks, new products & foods.

New revenue is generated & split using themed micro marts, multiple sampler compilations & online sales.

Our unified direct mail program promotes the events that are staged around the connected towns.

DirectVendors is an online shopping mall that can be searched in multiple fashions.

DirectVendors can be searched by Apparel - Bedding - Books - Gifts - Toys & Party Packs.

Also Accessories like Bags - Beauty Products - Hair Items - Jewelry and Scarves.

How does Main Treats make money for Local businesses?

Businesses share revenue generated from supplied new product showcases, scented samplers, themed Socks, custom sets, closeouts & online drop shipped goods.

What does DirectVendors do for my customer?

Customers of our members browse virtual shopping malls where manufacturers ship directly to the end customers.

Customers interact with product valets who help you sort products and party gifts from over 4,000 manufacturers.

Can my customers cut us out of the loop and buy direct from DirectVendors?

Your customers can’t order directly from DirectVendors, no customers can. It's our #1 policy.

Revenue is shared from all customer purchases & is always credited to your account through your affiliate program. 

If customers call us directly without being referred by a retail member, Main Treats policy is not to help them.

The customers name, town, state, phone number and email is taken to help find & help a Local member.

What financial criteria is needed to start?

Whether starting or linking to our content, Main Treats initial financial criteria are the same.

No minimum net worth, no minimum liquid assets, and no financing needed.

Average cash required in the range of .01 cent / house to be part of our mailings.

If we hit 10,000 Local homes an average share in each co-op direct mailing would be $100.


I have an online snack store & blog, not a physical store, can I join Main Treats?

Online stores & content providers can join the buying group, and revenue share from profits generated.

Why should I join Main Treats now at it's ground floor level?

There is no membership cost to join or participate, so why not.

Get in at our ground level and take the free ride to the penthouse.

What hidden fees are there to join Main Treats?

Like most cyber currencies experiences, Main Treats does NOT thrive on fees.

NO fees for manufacturers, distributors, businesses, bloggers, or consumers to join Main Treats.

No membership fees, no sign up fees, no entry fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees, no transaction fees,

no reward redemption fees, no prep fees, no service fees, no sales materials fees, no supplies fees,

no website creation fees, no hosting fees, no maintenance fees, no management fees, no assistance fees,

no licensing fees, no report fees, no training fees, no reactivation fees, no access fees, no upgrades fees,

no cramming fees, no checking fees, no duplicate statement fees, no archive statement fees, no documentation fees

& no access fees for your customers.

Main Treats & Embed Local are transparent and doesn't work with hidden plans or hidden charges.


Why DirectVendors, can't I get the same stuff on Amazon & eBay?

DirectVendors features 4,000 companies, most of them will drop ship every product they manufacture.

Customers can browse 4,000 different web sites instead of looking at page after page of similar typefaces.

Many times pirated merchandise shows up on Amazon and eBay (especially bags and watches).

DirectVendors manufacturers ship their original products direct to the customer.

Main Treats revenue sharing supports our Local businesses, restaurants, content providers & community.

How I tell if the products on DirectVendors sites are counterfeit?

Too many online sites sell counterfeit goods, so only trust goods that are shipped directly from their manufacturers.

Since all manufacturers on DirectVendors ship goods direct to your customers, they can be trusted to be authentic.

Shipping / Billing

How does my package get shipped?

Each company has their own shipping preferences, mostly UPS, Fed Express and Postal.

DirectVendors provides all manufacturers our shipping account numbers to make it simple to track all packages.

If I order items from two different manufacturers do I pay the shipping fees twice?

Yes, customers pay shipping and any drop ship fees from all companies shipping directly to them.

DirectVendors cushions the extra shipping fee by using 10% of the shipped items price to discount its shipping.

When you buy on Amazon or eBay from different vendors you also pay shipping charges for each vendor.

Besides the shipping fee why is their an extra drop ship fee?

Most companies that drop ship directly to the consumer charge a drop ship fee.

Different fees exist for each company so DirectVendors must add on drop ship fees.

Why does Embed Local only take card and address information live on the phone?

All sites no matter how much security can be hacked, Embed Local uses unconventional steps to protect our data.

Embed Local refuses to put credit card information or street address data on any computer to avoid problems.

Credit cards and street numbers can not be entered onto any of our sites.

All financial data and street address are hand written, coded and secured by Embed Local.

Customer Incentives

How are Reward Points awarded to customers?

10% of every dollar spent from the 4,000 manufacturers on DirectVendors & Clothing Machine earns Reward Points.

Testimonials about any of our placed products earn Main Treats rewards.

Consumers also earn various Main Treats bounties from testing new items, and blasting testimonials on social media.

Buying our scented samplers and completing simple home testing surveys will also earn Reward Points.

Referring co-workers, neighbors, friends or family at our delivery appointments earns Reward Points and bonuses.

Reward Points are rebated for 10% of every dollar spent on our supplied products from Local cross sellers.

How can blogs, forums or other sources of editorial be added to the content list?

Consumers can email the url to, we will add Reward Points to your account as a bonus if relevant.

Main Treats will look it over, find cool stories to recommend and add it to the mix. Thanks!


How many manufacturers have products that will be featured on DirectVendors?

Over 4,000 companies have agreed to drop ship to the customers of the members of Main Treats.

I'm with a drop shipping manufacturer, how can we hook up with DirectVendors?

Call Norman Scherer at 917 822-1870 (cell), after emailing your url to

Is all drop shipping confined to the United States?

Until 2019, all drop shipments will be domestic, but we plan to expand into a global company.

Can Main Treats member stores discount my products?

Members of Main Treats can't change the retail price manufacturers set.

Main Treats does not discount unless the manufacturer alters the retail price.

Main Treats sticks to all manufacturers wishes, who sets their own retail and wholesale prices.

Is Main Treats a discounted seller of closeouts?

Closeouts make great business loss leaders, so Main Treats makes them available to all buying group members.

Buying group members that co-op our 1st direct mail piece will receive greater access to our featured closeouts

Our first closeouts are Scarves & cover ups from Elizabeth Gillet, most of these are 1 of a kind samples.

Because every piece is different, it encourages shoppers to walk into each participating store on our circuits.

Consumers can create their own custom sets or subscriptions by reserving Scarves they see in any participating business.

Closeouts can also be accessed as shopping rewards, by cashing in Reward Points & by exchanging merchandise.

Offers swapping Reward Points for closeouts and collectibles will randomly appear on our tracking sites.

Customer service operators use closeouts & collectibles to smooth some situations and reward others.

Customers can also get access to closeout products as swap replacements for difficult returns.

How do we figure what drop ship fee to charge?

Each manufacture is allowed to determine their own drop ship fee, most range from $2 - $5 per order.

Manufacturers can set it per piece, per order or % of order (you can set the % up to 20% but no further).

The lower the drop ship fee the better chance of selling product to our members customers.


Why add editorial content?

To stay on top it is vitally important for retail businesses to identify rising products fueling new trends.

Main Treats uses themed editorial menus to organize relevant content from thousands of sources.

These theme internet content guides point to posts and articles in different online magazines, blogs & forums.

Linking to any of our themed online information and content menus can expand your sites relevance & scope.

Main Treats themed editorial menus can help attract new customers and expands relationships with old customers.

What other content sites are coming?

In 2018, other content menus will be organized around Bags, Jewelry, Scarves and other Accessories.

How do I generate interest for Main Treats Tryouts, Showcases & Shopping?

Members can hand out fliers, send out emails, advertise Locally, hang up in-store signs, print it on your receipts,

attend community events, talk it up to your in-store customers and contact Local press (print, radio and online).

Our Local press wants more information about Embed Local's Main Treats, who can they talk to?

Main Treats can be contacted for any editorial questions by your local press.

Connect them to Norman Scherer owner of Embed Local - - 917 822-1870 - cell

Why can't I just use Google to search for sites I want to browse?

Main Treats themed editorial sources are organized alphabetical which makes them easier to find again.

Easily scanned suggested articles help industry members & interested customers explore themed media options.

Why are all of the editorial not up to date?

They will be at launch, other tasks needed more attention for our Feb 2018 launch.

As Main Treats grows, new content sites will be built and updated more often.

Buying Group

Why should I use a Buying Group?

Restaurants, caterers & food retailers buy together from manufacturers/distributors with large minimum orders.

Besides minimum order requirements, buying together: gives better rates & more focused buying strategies.

Linked together starts to even the pricing, exclusivity, pop and the information playing fields that chains receive.

Our buying group make restaurants and stores look different with our frequent tasting and testing programs.

Clothing Machine

Is Clothing Machine just for Kids Apparel?

Clothing Machine sells apparel for all ages.

DirectVendors sells accessories, aprons, bags, beauty, bedding, belts, books, furniture, gifts, glasses, gloves,

hair products, hats, jewelry, kitchen items, leggings/socks, outerwear, scarves, shoes, sleepwear, stationary,

swim gear, towels, toys, umbrellas, underwear, wallets and watches.

How do businesses keep track of the online orders from their customers?

Members will be able to transparently keep track of their sales here.


I need manufacturers to ship me cool guest giveaways for my upcoming party?

Main Treats specializes in a wide range of unusual party gifts.

Our party generation site will soon be added to Direct Vendors.

Choose from thousands of small gifts from hundreds of manufacturers who have agreed to supply your party needs.

Main Treats coordinates the approximate number of guests and the date of the party/event/occasion.

Find products for events, birthdays, graduations, holidays, weddings, divorces & other happy occasions & parties.

How many weeks in advance do I need to order for a party or event?

Depends on what you need, some manufacturers can work fast others may need a few weeks.


How does the Concierge Service work?

Main Treats offers a free product concierge service for your customers.

Customers can order in one place from over 4,000 manufacturers.

Our personal shopper service introduces your customers to many amazing companies. 

Customers enter their age, sex and the products or categories desired (and size if apparel).

Customers look over online products from supplied websites and email us what they like.

Main Treats fine tunes the sites sent to customers as emails are exchanged.

Our email confirms the details and we phone all customers direct for billing purposes.

A follow up email is sent to your customer with tracking information.

Collectible Rewards

Why do you have such cool weird stuff in your collectable rewards for customers?

Look at it as my personal garage sale in the middle of this virtual shopping center.

Closeout Rewards

Can I buy one of those wraps from Elizabeth Gillett?

Main Treats handles returns by trading them for a constantly changing supply of closeout items.

Returning goods will be one way for customers to get access to closeouts, customers also can find access from offers on Main Treats tracking sites.

Hint - After ordering from Embed Local sites, track your package & look for special closeout offers for Elizabeth Gillett scarves, ponchos & wraps.

Some Elizabeth Gillett scarves, ponchos & wraps will be available in businesses who sell our scented samplers

Shipping Rebate

How does my shipping get discounted when ordering from Direct Vendors?

This 10% reusable rebate from drop shipped online purchases is first used to credit the shipping of items bought.

If consumers cost was $50, $5 is applied to shipping, if the cost was $95, $9.50 will be used to credit the shipping.

Add Questions

How can I ask questions that are not in this FAQ?

Email me at Your question should be added to the FAQ pages after emailing you the answer as well.

Direct Vendors Promotes Smaller Manufacturers Mostly Ignored By Big Box Chains.


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